Animation Workshop results

This series of animations presented in a short documentary about refugees in Austria, is the result of a 4 Day’s Workshop on ”Character Animation” for the college Communication & Mediadesign at the higher federal commercial school in Krieglach. The workshop was conducted by the artists Harald Hund
and Piamin.

The workshop participants had 4 days to animate a simplified character and to compose the character with a background scene.

The main goal of the workshop, was to provide animation workflows and a basic knowledge about Keyframe Animation.

Learning content was:
- Creating a character
- Preparing a character for animation using Photoshop or Illustrator
- Importing the character in After Effects
- Anchorpoints, Parenting, Compositions
- Basics about Keyframes: spacing, timing, extremes, Inbetweens, breakedown
- Simple effects and how to apply them on layers
- Color Grading using Curves
- Foley Sound recording
- Editing