In the music video Stefanie Sargnagel and Beniamin Urbanek made for the band Worried Man & Worried Boy, life relentlessly takes its course. The protagonist stubbornly stumbles through the barren ambiance of the fatiguing morning mirror-stage between acne, facial hair and fungus growth. Before plunging into nightlife, Stefanie Sargnagel‘s alter ego, surrounded by flies, spiders and ying&yang, oscillates between masochism, escapism and criticism of capitalism. Odd scraggy line drawings follow the protagonist through the night, beleaguered by glaring, drooling Iguanas and the rest of the horny passengers of the night.

Year: 2016
Music: Worried Man & Worried Boy,
Production: Worried Boy Productions
Animation: Piamin &  Studio Urbanek,,
Illustration: Stefanie Sargnagel,